Home Care Packages Explained

What is a Home Care Package and how do I get one?

A Home Care Package can be used to get help with domestic chores like shopping, cleaning and personal care or specialised medical assistance such as nursing, podiatry and physiotherapy.

But, before you can access a Government funded Home Care Package, you must have an Aged Care assessment, also known as an ACAT or ACAS assessment. This can be arranged by any medical professional or you can ask for an asessment yourself at the My Aged Care website.

Once you've had this assessment and have been approved for a Home Care Package you will join the Government waitlist to be assigned a package.

The waitlist is called the National Prioritisation Queue.

The 4 Levels of Home Care Packages

Home Care Level 1

Basic care - typically shopping, cleaning and gardening.

Home Care Level 2

The same as Basic care but also may include some personal care and nursing

Home Care Level 3

Intermediate care – toileting, meals, some nursing or other services like physio, support for dementia, assistance with aids and other equipment.

Home Care Level 4

High care - services often include a substantial level of support with personal care, assistance with Nursing and Allied Health Services, a range of aids and equipment and some assistance with household tasks and social activity.
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*Services listed are a guide only

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Government pay?

The subsidies listed below are current as at 1 July 2018.
Home Care Packages The maximum amount of Government funds (as at 01/07/2018)
Home Care Level 1 $8,270.90 / $159.06 pw
Home Care Level 2 $15,045.30 / 289.33 pw
Home Care Level 3 $33,076.30 / 636.08 pw
Home Care Level 4 $50,286.05 / 967.04 pw

Do I have to pay any money for my Home Care package?

The Government allows for package providers such as The Care List to ask all clients to contribute towards the cost of delivering care. This fee is called the Basic Daily Fee and is currently $10.54 per day.

To keep your costs as low as possible, The Care List waives the Basic Daily Fee.

You can elect to make voluntary contributions in addition to the subsidy amount provided by the Government to help pay for additional services.

Part Pensioners / Self funded Retirees

If you are a part pensioner or a self-funded retiree, the Government requires you to contribute some of your own money to fund your care. This contribution is called the Income Tested Fee and is determined by Centrelink and is based on your current income level.
The Government will reduce the subsidy they pay by the amount of the assessed Income Tested Fee.

Through an income test, Centrelink decides how much you need to contribute to the cost of your home care package. It will be different for everyone.

You must pay this money to your Care Provider.

As a general guide, contributions to your care will start if your income is over $27,000 for singles or over $42,000 if you are part of a couple.

Here is an example:

Ron is self-funded retiree, who lives alone and has an income of $30,000 per annum. He has been allocated a Home Care Package – Level 2. Ron has been told by Centrelink he needs to contribute to the cost of his care:
Level 2 Home care package value: (Govt funding) Ron's Income Tested Fee is: The Government will then fund the balance:
$15,045 p.a.
or $289.33 p.w.
$1,840 p.a
or $35.38 p.w.
$13,205 p.a.
or $253.95 p.w
There are limits on how much you can be compelled to pay:
  • Part-pensioners and people with equivalent incomes have their income-tested care fees capped at $5,000 (approx) per year.
  • Self-funded retirees have their income-tested care fees capped at $10,000 (approx) per year.
*This information is a guide only. The Department of Human Services will provide you with an accurate income assessment. While we make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and up to date we accept no responsibility whether expressed or implied for the accuracy, currency and completeness of the information.

What are the Supplement Amounts?

In some cases the Government will give you extra money to help you with your care

Dementia / Veterans Supplement

Home Care Package Level The maximum amount of Government funds (as at 01/07/2018)
Home Care Level 1 $1,035 / $19.90 pw
Home Care Level 2 $1,825 / $35.10 pw
Home Care Level 3 $3,975 / $76.45 pw
Home Care Level 4 $6,022 / $115.80 pw
Above figures are a guide only

Other supplements include

  • Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia (EACHD)
  • Location Based Supplement - if you are living in a small township or rural area you are likely to receive more than someone living close to health facilities
  • Oxygen and Enteral Feeding Supplement
  • Hardship Supplement - available to home care recipients who are in genuine financial hardship and are unable to pay their costs of care

The Care List sets the standards
for Home Care Providers

We are very proud knowing that our clients receive the best care. 

The Care List offers its members genuine choice about when, how and what care services are received. We work collaboratively with you and anyone else who is involved in your care to draw up a plan that prioritises services so you can live at home safely and comfortably.

Choosing a Home Care Package Provider is a big decision, and there are many items to consider ensuring you have made the best choice for yourself or your loved one. The Care List is here to help you every step of the way.