Monthly Statements

What are Monthly Statements and when do you receive these?

A monthly home care package statement contains all transactions for the calendar month that occurred in your home care package account.
It is much like a bank statement and gives you an account of income and expenses. As per the Aged Care Act all providers must send clients a monthly statement detailing pertinent information.

When is it sent out and how?

As per the Aged Care Act, statements must be sent within a reasonable time after the end of the month. At The Care List we send out the statement 1 month after the end of the month. So, for example statements for the month of September are sent out on the 1st of November. Why the delay? Why not the first of October? This is because there will be independent providers of certain services and equipment who will not be able to present their invoices immediately after the end of September. It can take then a fortnight or 3 weeks to present their invoices.
To ensure we have received and paid all the necessary invoices for services and equipment delivered to you in the target month, we wait at least 1 month to receive and settle accounts. Therefore, for September we allow the month of October to collect and pay invoices and then on 1st November we collate all September related payments into a statement and present you with the full transactions incurred in September.

What information is included in the statement

All financial related transactions are included on the statement. These will generally include:
  • An Opening balance showing how much funds were held in your account on the 1st of the month
  • Government subsidy for your home care package
  • Any income tested fee you have paid
  • Any credits or refunds that we have given to you
  • Cost of services rendered
  • Any invoices paid for equipment purchased for you
  • Any reimbursements we give you for previously agreed expenses that you purchased from your own funds
  • The Closing account balance showing how much funds remain in your account at the end of the statement month. This will be the Opening account balance for the following month

Can I see my transactions in real time?

Almost. Our accounts team enter and pay payroll & invoices on a regular basis, weekly for most services but monthly for others. You will be able to login to The Care List website and see all transactions currently entered into your account and a running available balance. To login to the online website please visit and click the LOG-IN button. For all our clients we create an account that will allow the client to login to our system and view their statements, each transaction paid for and their current balance.

Is the account safe? Yes, it is password protected and you are able to change your password. Please contact your case manager to obtain details of your login.

Can I have both an electronic copy and a hard-copy of the statement?

Yes. We can send you statements both by post and/or via email, as long as you have an email address.

How much does it cost

Emailed statements are free. However, posted statements will cost a small monthly fee due to the cost of postage.